This has to be one of the most stressful and confusing horror film I’ve ever seen. Nothing made sense what so ever and then the credits rolled and I did not understand anything so I had to go online for an explanation. ATM is a horror/thriller film where 3 co-workers get trapped by an unknown assailant in a kiosk with two ATM’s inside. They are trapped inside for the whole duration of the film with small scenes where they run out and try to find help but they always end up back in the kiosk. It is a very intense film where you have to literally shout at the characters not to do something.



I enjoyed the full duration of the film from start to finish I couldn’t peel my eyes away. People may think it sounds boring because it takes place all in one place but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When Emily (one of the co-workers) decides to put the card into the ATM and type in the pin number backwards I got really excited, I thought it actually works when people do that but it didn’t. Then when someone enters the ATM wearing the exact same coat as the assailant the two guys kill him but you just know it can’t be him because he’s spent the whole time standing outside, killed two people and never entered or even tried to smash a window. Obviously it turns out it wasnt him so they killed an innocent man. Throughout the film the assailant keeps going to the back of the ATM and it annoyed me so much because it didn’t make sense what he was doing. In the end the assailant decides to fill the kiosk with water and he does this by using a hose but it didn’t make sense to me why there was just a random hose lying around. With only 2 co-workers left they try to set off the smoke alarm so that a fire engine will come before they drown or freeze to death. Whilst doing this Emily falls and hits her head leading to her death so there is only one left with the other co-worker running outside and being stabbed earlier on. In the end the assailant gets away and the last co-worker that’s left is charged with the murders.


What stressed me out throughout the film is that why didn’t the assailant just go inside the ATM, the innocent guy they killed went in so why didn’t he. After it finished everything slowly started making sense. When he went behind the kiosk he was tampering with the camera to make it look like one of the co-workers did it all and that’s why he never went inside so that he wasn’t seen on camera and so he could get away with it. It turned out he’d done this before and was planning more ATM’s and other places including a minute mart.


All in all this was a fantastic film, it ended where the bad guy gets away and the good guy is in the frame for everything which to some people might be frustrating but I really enjoyed it and didn’t mind it ending like that.


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