Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 11

An extremely sad Grey’s Anatomy episode came to an end last night and if you had dry eyes then you’re not human. That was possibly the most emotional and heartbreaking episode of grey’s to date. This episode was beautifully acted by the people who play April and Jackson, they did an outstanding job.


For the past few episodes we’ve followed April and Jackson in finding out their baby has a fatal bone disease and this episode saw them making the toughest decision of their lives. As they found out that their baby was in pain they had to decide whether to have the baby now knowing that it wouldn’t survive or keep it knowing it will be in pain throughout the next few month leading it to die just after birth anyway. April decided to induce but waited until they came up for a name. They decided on Samuel Norbert Avery. The scenes where she had the baby and got to hold him were truly beautiful but horrible to go through. It was nice that she got to hold him in her arms whilst he past away and what made me cry even more was when she said “he squeezed and then he let me go. I think this is the first Grey’s episode that I have ever cried.tumblr_njq5gjFpCk1rzzlilo1_500

As April is a religious person, this episode naturally saw her questioning her faith because when something unthinkable like this happens you’ve got to question why. When Jackson went to the hospital chapel, he sat there and cried whilst telling god to show up for April. That was also hard to see, he was in a lot of pain and he did so well at acting this monologue. They both really came together in this episode and clung on to each other whilst facing this unbearable tragedy. I’m not sure how their relationship will go on now whether they will stick together or fall apart. I hope they stick together and work through it.

Grey_s Anatomy S09E19 photo 3

What added to the emotion in this episode were the flashbacks of April and Jackson. I think any show that uses flashbacks are really powerful because it gives them the power to bring more emotion or shock to a situation. It was perfect for this episode and showed that what they’regoing through just isn’t fair.


As Sarah Drew, who plays April, was pregnant in real life whilst shooting this I was surprised that they decided to go with this storyline as it can’t be nice acting it out with a real baby inside you but it turns out it was her idea. It must have taken real guts and courage to do this and it has definitely shook the show up. Grey’s has never done anything like this before so I think it’s brought a new place for the show to go.


Next weeks episode has been made to look like Meredith is cheating on Derek but I don’t think she will be and to be honest i’m tired of these characters now. They’ve just gotten boring and I don’t really care what happens to their relationship.


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