Arrow: Season 3 Episode 14

Well this episode was all kinds of emotional. It was nice to have Oliver back again and to see him back in action with the team.


I loved the scene where Oliver showed Thea the Arrow cave revealing himself as the Arrow. Everyone was expecting her to react badly but the way she reacted was so sweet and it was quite emotional. I’m glad that she was happy about him being the Arrow and so understanding about it. I think if they had have made her flip out it would have been boring because she flips out every time someone lies to her. I am glad that she finally knows, it’s about time after 3 seasons.


I felt really sorry for Oliver at one point because he’s been gone for so long and now that he’s back the team started standing up to him and not doing what he says because they’ve handled everything on their own for a while. I hated it when they all stood against him, none of them would be there if it wasn’t for him. But I also think it’s nice seeing them stand up for themselves, it shows they don’t always need Olly and that he can now have time off.


I also felt sorry for Roy in this episode. You can tell he really loves Thea and when she went off with the DJ and he saw, my heart broke a little for him. But then the DJ turns out to be one of Ra’s ul Ghul’s associates and Roy ends up saving Thea along with Malcolm Merlyn. I am annoyed that Oliver and Thea have decided to work with Malcolm in order to beat Ra’s because of everything that he’s done. I am looking forward to seeing how this trio works.


The final emotional scene in this episode came when Laurel finally told her father that Sara was dead. That was awful to see, he’s mourned her death before and now he has to do it again. I hope he doesn’t go back to being an alcoholic. I don’t know how he’ll cope with Laurel being the Canary considering Sara died as the Canary.

I am bummed about the ending of the episode where Oliver decides to leave for the island with Thea to practice facing their fears or whatever, it’s annoying because he’s just come back and now he’s gone again. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be suiting up again anytime soon. I can’t believe Oliver has taken her there considering when he was there it was like a death trap.


I’ve said before that I really like Maseo, he’s a really likeable character and each week he grows on me even more. This week in the flashbacks he finds out Oliver has been taken so he basically hands himself in so he can be with him and help him. I really enjoy watching him and I’m looking forward where his character goes as a few episodes ago he was the one that saved Oliver and we also know that he’s working with Ra’s so when Oliver finally goes up against him again I wonder if Maseo will help him or not.


The end off the episode dropped a big bombshell on us, in the flashback Oliver is in a car that takes him to starling city. Also in that car is Amanda who works for A.R.G.U.S, I really don’t like or trust her especially because we are seeing year 3 of what happened to Olly while he was missing and it now turns out that she took him to Starling City. He’s got another 2 years before he returns so she must take him back on the island or something.


Next weeks episode looks like a bog one. Guess who’s back? Slade Wilson also known as Deathstroke. In the promo it looks like he escaped from the cell where he was being kept and obviously wants to kill Oliver and Thea so now they’re both in danger and need to get off the island before he gets to them. In my opinion Oliver should have killed Slade and then none of this would be happening.

I don’t understand why the ratings for this show stay between 2 and 3 million, it’s such a good show I would have thought it would be higher. It might put people off because it’s adapted from comics but it really doesn’t matter, I’ve never read the comics and I love it. I think it’s better if you haven’t read them because there are no spoilers.


2 thoughts on “Arrow: Season 3 Episode 14

  1. michaeldiiorio says:

    I also found this episode to be an emotional one and the scene between Laurel and Quentin was played so well. To have Laurel justify not telling Quentin because of his weak heart is heartbreaking in itself but to have Quentin finally find out and watch him clutch his heart shows that there are many ways to break a person’s heart.

    As for the ratings, i think it’s more because it airs on the CW network which isn’t as big as the main networks could be the reason why not many more people watch it. What i’ve found about Arrow is that they’re not afraid to stray from the source material, i’ve read a lot of Green Arrow comics and i like the fact that they take these characters and make it unique for the show. To me it doesn’t feel like going against the comic book lore but creating it’s own universe and it’s own Green Arrow lore.


    1. KatieMai says:

      I agree that scene was very touching. As i haven’t read the comics I don’t know if they stick with them or stray away but I think it’s good that they do stray away because it shows that the show is finding it’s own. I’m glad Arrow has been renewed for a fourth season i’m hoping it lasts a long time.

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