Pretty Little Liars

I love this show and I have stayed with it throughout the 5 season but there are so many twists it’s getting hard to keep up with now. I am going to stay with it till the end because I want to find out who A is but it is dragging on now. We’ve seen many different people reveal themselves as A but they’ve never been the real one. There are so many answers that need to be answered and I think a lot of them will never be answered because there are far too many to keep up with.


In recent episodes it see’s Mike (Aria’s brother) act shady and the girls start to think he is working with Alison. It’s just getting old now because there’s probably a lame story as to why he’s helping Ali, like when it was revealed Ezra was A but then turned out he was just writing a book. I think that’s the worst story of them all, it was just so unrealistic, why would you go to great lengths just to write a book and why couldn’t he tell Aria if it was just about a book. The only legitimate revealing of a fake A in my opinion is Toby because he joined the A team to try and figure out who is behind it all. That’s the only one that makes sense to me.

It’s been revealed that the real A will be revealed at the end of season 6 and I am excited to find out who it is, I just hope it isn’t a let down or I will have wasted 6 years of my life watching this show. If it’s one of the four main girls then I will be really annoyed. I hope that when we come to the end of the series that it ends with closure.


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