It’s one of those must see movies, it’s so different from any other film out there, some are saying it’s a landmark and i have to say i agree. We’ve never seen a film that has been made over the course of 12 years and that’s what makes this so outstandingly brilliant. It may lack a storyline but there are some great scenes. I think it’s stunning that the audience get to see the cast grow up because they’ve kept the same cast throughout  instead of casting other people to play older versions. They started filming this in 2002 and it was released at cinemas in 2014. I had to watch it because as soon as you hear it’s taken 12 years to film it’s an instant must watch because what other film has done this. It is a landmark because it’s changed the face of cinema. It was a very risky experiment that definitely paid off.

The film follows the lives of a young boy named Mason and his sister, mother and father. His parents are divorced and within the first half of the film the mother remarries and he gains a step brother and a sister. Throughout the film you see milestones that you expect to see in life including, birthdays, family meals, graduation, a talk about contraception and more. There is also a bit in the film where the family go for the midnight release of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I find that amazing because the audience get to revisit the past and it’s also nice because the cast were filming in that moment rather than filming it years later and pretending it’s that year, it was the actual year and that’s whats so unique.

As the film progresses Mason’s step dad starts to become abusive and a drunk, even forcing Mason to have his long hair cut off. When he assaults Olivia (Mason’s mum) she decides to move the family out of the home and files for divorce. The film also covers bullying when Mason starts being bullied by other classmates. The film also see’s Mason experiment with drugs and see’s him get his first girlfriend.

It’s simply a film about life and all the difficulties and struggles people have to go through and overcome in their lives. The film doesn’t have all the answers to life but that’s what’s so powerful. Possibly the best coming of age film the world has ever seen.


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