What to Expect When You’re Expecting

We witness the journey about 5 couples on their way to parenthood. In this heartfelt comedy we undergo a range of emotions following the cast from heartbreak to absolute delight. This is the second time I’ve seen this film now and it doesn’t fail to entertain me. Let’s meet the couples (Spoilers):

  • Jules and Evan played by Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison


As stars of a dance competition and not being together that long, it comes as a big surprise when Jules finds out she’s pregnant. Throughout the course of the film their main argument is about a circumcision because they are having a boy so Evan wants him to be circumcised because he is part Jewish but Jules doesn’t. Then at the end of the film the baby comes out and it’s a girl, to their relief because now they don’t have to decide on a circumcision. But deciding on the baby’s last name was a little problem too. This couple had a lot of differences throughout the pregnancy but managed to get through it.

  • Wendy and Gary played by Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone


This couple provided the cuddliness and cuteness to the film because they are the suburban couple who have ordinary lives. Wendy has her own shop where she writes children’s books and talks about breast-feeding a lot. This couple decided to stop trying for a baby because it just wasn’t happening for them but as soon as they stopped she fell pregnant. One of the best scenes in the film is when she first finds out and rushes to the pool where her husband is swimming and jumps in with all the pregnancy tests. Although wanting to get pregnant for a while, Wendy found it very tough. In the end they had a baby boy and it was all worth it.

  • Skyler and Ramsey played by Brooklyn Decker and Dennis Quaid


This was an unlikely pairing, with the huge age difference. With Ramsey already having a child who is Gary who had a baby with Wendy, this couple had twin girls. Although Skyler was carrying twins she was tiny and when she was giving birth she didn’t sweat once, with the perfect hair and make up, she looked like she was about to go to a photo shoot.

  • Rosie and Marco played by Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford


The story of Rosie and Marco was tragic and a bit heartbreaking because she had a miscarriage. It was beautiful in the way they did it because it is a comedy but they managed to make it serious and truthful which is how it should have been. They seemed so happy and excited before the miscarriage about having a baby but then she was rushed to hospital because she was bleeding. They didn’t talk on the way to the hospital there was just music which made it more daunting and when they were at the hospital waiting for the news you never actually heard the results you just saw them cry and look devastated. The music played throughout until they were back home. They split up as a result because they were only together because of the baby but in the end their relationship looked positive.

  • Holly and Alex played by Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro


Holly can’t have kids so they decided to adopt and they adopt a little boy from Ethiopia. Even though Alex isn’t ready for a baby yet when they get the little boy he becomes happy.  In the film you see them go through the stages of adoption when they have spot checks on their home to see if it’s suitable. Alex joins a daddy’s group where he talks to other fathers about becoming a dad.


This film has some great moments whether they are happy or sad it has them all. The best performance of them all is Elizabeth Banks, she’s superb as the pregnant women who suffers it all. A real portrayal of a pregnant women, whereas Skyler walks around in six-inch heels and a bikini whilst carrying twins. It’s a good watch but i can see why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


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