How to get Away with Murder: Season 1 Episode 11

(Spoilers) This weeks episode flashbacks saw the characters on their break over christmas which was after they killed Sam. It saw them struggle to deal with the fact that they murdered someone and covered it up. In normal time it saw the team defend a new person whose husband had two girls locked up in a basement. They defended her but as the truth started to spill out they turned their backs on her.


Sam’s sister is in town and she’s definitely here to stir up trouble. She doesn’t believe her brother is a murderer and wants to find him. I definitely don’t trust her. I’m not sure where her characters going to go yet but I have a feeling she’ll be murdered as she’s suspicious of the team.

It was nice to see the flashbacks over the break because the episodes have so many things happening in them that you don’t really get to see how the team is dealing with recent events. It was also nice to get a wider view into their personal lives and we also got to see family members who we’ve never seen before.

At the end of the episode it was revealed that they found sam’s body which is going to be trouble for the team because the police are now dealing with a murder case and will have suspects and their main suspect will probably be Annalise as they always look at family members first. I think she needs to be a little upset about her husband’s death because she needs to sell it to the police that she is a grieving widow. Even if he was having an affair, she still needs to be a little heartbroken.


Another thing that worries me about the team going down for the murder is Michaela’s engagement ring. When they were disposing of the body she lost the ring and if the police find it anywhere near the body they will definitely pin her as a suspect. htgawm

I feel for Wes at the minute as he was the one that gave the final and fatal blow to sam’s head, he is now suffering from nightmares. In his room there are scratches on the walls because the previous owner went a bit crazy and Wes keeps looking at them and I think there’s going to be a huge twist as now Wes thinks he’s losing his mind, I think he’s going to be connected to the scratches on the walls.

Next weeks episode looks very intense as the police search for the murderer and tensions run high in the house. I’m not sure if the team will stick together or turn on each other but I hope they stick together because together they are so much better.


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