Kingsman: The Secret Service

First movie I go to see this year and it’s fantastic, unmissable and one hell of a movie. The acting was spot on, the editing was smart and genius and the directing was just on point. It’s been a while since I came out of the cinema smiling. It’s a James Bond spoof – that paid off! The film is shot in a way that makes you think the director is a child because it’s so exciting and giddy which is what makes this film so special. This is a spy movie with a twist.


The fight scenes were spectacular. They were all done within one shot which was really creative and smart. The camera never left the fight it was there throughout and never cut to a different shot, the camera moved and turned and stayed within that one shot until the end of the scene. They also slowed down the fight scenes just a little bit which gave it a comical edge which is what this film contained throughout.


I just want to say that the moment Eggsy got in that car and start spinning around i was hooked. Not just with the film but with the character. He had so much depth and he was so quirky and likeable. My favourite scene throughout the whole movie is when the candidates for the Kingsman have to choose a dog to train and Eggsy chooses a Pug because he thinks it’s a bulldog. It’s hilarious when he’s supposed to be running with the dog and he isn’t allowed to pick him up because that is cheating but the dog just refuses to run. That little Pug warmed my heart every time it was on screen, it was so adorable. Then there was the scene where Eggsy had to shoot him, that was horrible to watch but he didn’t go through with it, thank god.

I was completely shocked to see that the person who played Eggsy’s mum was Samantha Womack, who plays Ronnie on Eastenders, I wasn’t expecting that. She played agood part. I’m always nervous about soap actors doing feature films because you don’t know how they’ll be in a film but she did really well. kingsman

Colin Firth was awesome at playing a spy but again I was shocked because about a third into the film his character was killed off and that was a huge surprise. But then it became the driving force and motivation for the other characters to end the film in high fashion and I think his death paid off because it made way for a great ending.


One thing and the only thing that annoyed me in this film is that Eggsy and Roxy didn’t get together. I expected it to happen throughout because they were so close so when it ended and they weren’t together I was a bit disappointed but in a way a little happy because all films nowadays have people who get together all the time and it can get it bit boring. This film was very different and didn’t want to fall into habits of lots of other films. 2014-KINGSMAN-THE-SECRET--008

Oh My God the soundtrack! It was a perfect addition to the film. The first thing I am going to do after posting this is download it. It was just so quirky to add to the acting and made the film modern and up to date.

The film also starred Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine.


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