Arrow: Season 3 Episode 12

What an episode. It was an epic battle to take down the villain in these past 3 episodes and this gave a satisfying ending for Vinnie Jones’ characters final stand. Do not read on if you haven’t seen this episode.


I loved the last third of this episode but the first and second half mainly focused on Malcolm Merlyn’s past and although it would be nice to visit his past now wasn’t the time in my opinion. I just felt it was a bit out of the blue and random to put it in this episode. It annoys me now how they are portraying Malcolm now as in like he is becoming good in order to keep Thea on side but he’s not supposed to be good, he is a bad guy and I don’t think Oliver should have agreed to work with him.


I am so happy with the return of Cin but I’m devastated because she doesn’t know that Sara is dead yet and when she finds out it will break her heart. I am also annoyed that she went to Detective Lance to tell him that the Canary isn’t Sara because now he is suspicious that it’s not his daughter and he doesn’t know she’s dead either. I think it will be very sad when he finds out she’s dead. Again.


I loved the way Oliver returned, no one knew he was back and in the middle of all the riot he shot an arrow into someone and because it was green, team arrow knew that he was back. It was also nice because they got the whole City to fight with them and it was nice to see the police, the City and the superheroes working together. I think it’s the first time that they’ve been accepted, like really accepted and wanted. It’s one of those scenes that you’ll never forget throughout the show.


So, the ending. I’m not entirely pleased with the ending. I couldn’t wait for the scene when Oliver and Felicity were reunited but it ended up being a disaster. She was really mad that he decided to work with Malcolm in order to kill Ra’s al Ghul. Then she reminds him that he told her he loved her and that everyone he loves is either dead or damaged and so she doesn’t want to die or end up like Thea, so she tells him not to love her any more which I thought was horribleĀ to watch. I just want them together already, it’s been three seasons but then again in other shows it can take up to 7 seasons, like it did in Bones.


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