A Walk Among the Toombstones

A retired NYPD officer Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) now works as a private investigator and takes on a case about the kidnapping and murder of women. These women are all married and their husbands all have some relation to drugs. The husbands have to pay the kidnappers for their wife’s back but they kill them anyway. Scudder races against the clock to stop the perpetrators before they strike again even. The film is based on the bestselling novel by Lawrence Block.


Neeson shines as the main character in this crime, drama-thriller but bare in mind that this film isn’t another Taken movie. He’s perfect for the role of this gritty detective. The audience get to see Neeson in his element, taking down bad guys whether within the law or de it.


I was hoping all the way through he film that the wives might have been alive. I knew it wouldn’t happen because it would have ruined the whole story and made it unrealistic but I had a little bit of hope. Kenny Kristo, who is the first person to seek Scudder’s help to take down the men who brutally murdered his wife was a really likeable character. I wanted him to get his revenge but that’s not what happened. He had the murderer tied up but he escaped only to kill Kristo and then it was down to Scudder to shoot him in the head. I was sad that Kristo died, all he wanted all along was to find the murderers and when he does he’s murdered. But it had to be Neeson’s character that saved the day.


In my opinion this is a must watch film especially if you’re a fan of Neeson, his performance doesn’t let you down. If you’re into your detective stories and mysteries then give it a go.


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