This was an amazing TV show which is why I can’t understand why it got cancelled. It had fairly high ratings with the pilot episode having 10 million views. The final episode of the season didn’t even get aired. Personally I loved this show and it had the potential to be an amazing series. The storyline was great and the characters were exciting. To me this was a fresh TV show that was different in its own way.


Believe is a show by JJ Abrams and many people went off him after Lost because of that dreadful and disappointing finale but you can’t judge him by that and avoid any of his other shows because of it. The ending of the season was nice and sweet with the dance between father and daughter, which at the time was a disappointment to me because I was expecting them to leave it on a cliff hanger but after finding out it got cancelled I’m glad it ended like that because it was nice closure for the audience. You get closure in the fact that they are happy and are finally at peace. I just would have loved more from this series but that’s TV for you, it can be completely unpredictable.


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