From Dusk Till Dawn

I’m so glad I finally found the time to watch this series because I’m only 3 episodes in and I am hooked. It is so good. I haven’t seen the films so won’t be able to compare them but the series is brilliant. I’m glad it’s a Netflix original because that means that when season 2 comes out all the episodes are available and I can binge watch them rather than waiting a whole week for each episode.

I love the way they film this in non-linear where they keep going back to previous events to show how it led to where they are now. I think it’s so cleverly done where it’s understandable and not confusing at all. I can’t wait to finish this off.


One thought on “From Dusk Till Dawn

  1. Chris Cuthbert says:

    I watched the original film at the Odeon, the summer after finishing my exams at school such a great time; 1996 must have been… Best thing about school was leaving hahaha… Not watched the tv show, I should check it out at some point 🙂 Hope you are well….

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