Revenge: Season 4

I’ve finally caught up with the latest season of Revenge and I’m so glad I did. (Spoilers) I was gutted when Aiden died and I didn’t like David Clarke but when David revealed that he was going to kill Victoria I was so thrilled.


Victoria has changed so much and I’m not sure if the show will survive now because she has decided to stop her games with Emily but the feud between them two was the main focus for the show. It annoyed me when Emily told her father not to kill Victoria because she’s suffering enough with the loss of her son and Emily thinks that’s enough but I for one would love to see her in a body bag. I’ll never forget that she’s the one that killed Aiden. She seem’s to have changed since losing Daniel but I don’t know if that will last or not. a7aeb5f8ec1f4ce8f887fe1f10baac64

I’m happy for Emily because her life is finally being pieced back together but we all know that’s not going to last because Daniel died protecting her and his girlfriend Margaux is on a vendetta to get revenge on her. I don’t understand why Margaux wants to bring Emily down when it wasn’t her fault Daniel chose to take a bullet for her and she says it’s her fault because she set everything in motion when she decided to get revenge on the Graysons when really it’s Victoria who set it all in motion when she decided to frame David all those years ago. If she hadn’t of framed him none of this would have happened and Daniel would still be alive. Margaux is blaming the wrong person.


The promo for next weeks episode shows Jack tell Emily that she’s the one, now we all knew it was going to happen eventually but I’ve never wanted it to happen, it’s never been an obvious ship. The previous episode showed Emily get with Ben who is a police officer and I was happy for her but now that Jack is going to drop this bombshell on her I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

They’ve decided to take this show on a whole different path with a new enemy and a new revenge plan and it’s not Emily who is doing the Revenge so I hope it works because I love this show and I hope people stick with it because I can’t wait to see the end game.


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