The 4400

Only 2 episodes in I am liking this series already. It has a lot of potential. It might be a bit predictable but it is very interesting. I’ve wanted to start watching this series for a while now just never gotten round to it. At the start of the first episode I wasn’t that interested but towards the end it picked up a little bit so I decided to watch episode two and I really enjoyed it. Normally when I start watching a series I’ve read all the spoilers but I know nothing bout this series or how it ends. If you’ve seen this series then I recommend you watch The Returned which is a very similar show. It’s about people who return from the dead and although it is a French show and you have to read the subtitles it was really good and has been renewed for a second series.

imagesThe 4400 if you haven’t watched it is a science fiction drama and a comet comes down on earth and releases 4400 people who were missing. All the people who were released have been missing for different amount of years and they seem to have returned with supernatural abilities.


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