Edge of Tomorrow

Live Die Repeat! Live Die Repeat! Well, when I first put this film on I was expecting it to be great because to me the trailer was really good. However after the first half an hour passed I realised I’m not too intrigued with this film. It was just slow on and off throughout because it is about a man when every time he dies he lives the same day over and over again so it got a little repetitive. That was the boring bits but other times it was really good and interesting. There were also some plot holes in my opinion because there was a scene where he was in a bar and it just felt a bit random and you never find out how he got there, I just felt there was no need to show that. It’s not one of Tom Cruise’s best films but if you like him then I suggest watching it. The ending to me was also confusing, I didn’t really understand it until someone explained it to me. The weird-looking creatures that were in it reminded me a lot of War of the Worlds which also starred Tom Cruise.


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