American Horror Story: Season 4 Episode 13

A fantastic season finale! It finally picked up and got really interesting. (Spoilers) I’m so glad Dandy finally got what he deserved. Especially after he shot and killed everyone. It was really sad when Jimmy found everyone dead as they were like his family. You really felt for him. Overall a lot happened in the season finale: Dandy went psycho, married the twins, the twins got revenge on him for killing everyone by killing him. Elsa made it in hollywood by getting her own TV show and selling albums.american-horror-story-freak-show-trailer-FX

After all the disaster that’s happened they still managed to end the show on a high. With it being Jessica Lange’s final episode for the whole series as she is bowing out and will not return I think they did her character justice. I’m not sure how the show will do without her as she has played a huge part in each season but the ending was a happy farewell for her. She might have died but it was done in a nice way and she was reunited with all the freaks in death. xjessica-lange-as-elsa-mars-american-horror-story.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kemH6Hz-UmwdRGgy9mBk

I’m happy for Desiree because she really wanted children and she finally got that in the end. desiree-dupre

Jimmy is with Bette and Dot (the twins) and they are expecting a baby which I thought was really sweet, I wanted them to get together throughout the season. Especially when they declared their love for him but he didn’t return it, that was sad but they got there in the end.rs_560x415-140908060649-1024.Sarah-Paulson-American-Horror-Story-Freak-Show-JR-90814_copy

All in all a fantastic way to end the season and now it’s the long wait for season 5. We say goodbye to another great season.tldaytaxig2nu2276vxf


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