Arrow: Season 3 Episode 10

The way the mid-season finale ended in December with that jaw dropping cliff hanger, these past few weeks have been torture waiting for the new episode. To find out if Oliver is dead or not. But he can’t be, he’s the main character. Without him there’d be no show.


The mid-season finale ended with Oliver going up against the leader of the league Ra’s al Ghul. Oliver was defeated with a stab wound and thrown off the cliff. We knew Oliver couldn’t be dead but to come back from the injuries he sustained seemed unrealistic. The battle had everyone on edge.

Arrow 3x09 The Climb - Matt Nable, Stephen Amell (Ra's al Ghul, Oliver Queen), DUELO, muerte, death

After waiting for it to return this has been the most excited I have been about an episode of Arrow, I couldn’t wait to find out how he will survive. There still so many unanswered questions thatwe’re just going to have to wait till next week now. This episode focused more on the supporting actors which was nice to see because you got to see how they’d cope without Olly and it wasn’t nice to see. Especially Felicity, she wasn’t coping too well and decided to quit the Arrow team towards the end of the episode. However, the promo for next weeks episode shows her back working with the team.

We also got to see Diggle wearing the Arrow costume which we haven’t seen in a while. He also got a heavy fight scene which was interesting to see. Him and Roy got to kick some but in this episode and do some of the heavy lifting when it’s usually up to Oliver. The city was falling apart without the Arrow and they were trying to keep it together.

At the end of the episode we got to see Laurel dress up as the Canary and do some fighting. It was nice to see a change in her character because throughout the seasons she’s portrayed as a weak character and it was nice to see her be strong for a change. I’m intrigued to see where the Canary takes Laurel and see how she grows.


I’m not a fan of Ray yet. Especially when we found out he was making a suit and wants to go out and fight crime just like the Arrow. It was annoying because they keep bringing in new heroes and Ithink we have enough now. I like the team and I feel like he is an intruder. I also feel that if they bring him in then there is going to be too many characters and there won’t be enough time to give them all fight scenes. I think it could get too complicated. I think they should keep the team as Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Roy and Laurel. At least for now.


Thea has started to annoy me. I don’t understand where her character is going yet. I hate the fact that she’s hanging out with Malcolm Merlyn and that he’s training her. Although it is nice seeing her strong rather than the weak, fragile girl she once was. I understand her wanting to toughen up she’s lost a lot of people but she’s become an annoying character now.

The end of the episode saw Oliver take a breath and it was revealed that he was brought back to life and that’s all we know so far. The producers have revealed that the first 3 episodes are part of a trilogy and it’s going to show the audience what the city is like when they all think he’s dead because that’s what they still think. They’ve also said that the Arrow world has changed forever. I can’t wait to see how this affects Oliver and Arrow. It’s going to be an interesting ride throughout the second half of this season.

I am pleased with this episode because it’s nice to see the other characters for a change but I did miss Arrow and hopefully he’ll be back soon.

Arrow has been renewed for a 4th season.


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