Gone Girl

WOW! By far one of the best films I have ever seen. Not only was it powerful but it was compelling. It started out quite slow but oh my god it takes a dark and desperate turn and you literally cannot peel your eyes away from the screen. I kept putting this film off because I’m not a fan of Ben Affleck but I’m definitely a fan now. His performance was faultless. David Fincher just gets better at directing. If you haven’t seen this film then stop reading this, it’s a film that just shouldn’t be spoilt if you’re going to watch it.

I have to say I was on Rosamund Pike’s characters side for quite a while throughout the film but I definitely changed my mind towards the end. She’s pure evil. The turns in this film were so intense and unbelievable and that ending. The ending made me want to scream at the tv. It was so frustrating, no one wants it to end like that.

I recommend that everyone watches this film it’s completely unmissable and I’m so glad I watched it. I was expecting the film to be about a man whose wife goes missing and he’s devastated by the loss and is put in the frame for murdering her. But when he showed no remorse for his missing wife I was like there’s something darker to this tale. That’s when I started to hate the character because he just didn’t care that his wife was missing but it turns out the wife is conducting this whole nightmare and is actually still alive. That’s when I hated her and realised that I should be on his side. It was just so difficult to like him in the beginning but the ending was horrible I felt sorry for the character no one should have to live like that. The secrets that spill out during the investigation are genius. It’s a very exciting and overwhelming film.

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