I wasn’t expecting to like this film at the start with the rapid editing, I thought it was a bit weird and random but after about five minutes I got really into it. When Lucy starts to feel the effects of the drug she can start doing things that we normally can’t do. That’s when it gets really interesting. It’s also quite emotional as she starts using more and more of her brain capacity because she can feel things and remember things she shouldn’t be able to and she knows that she doesn’t have long left to live so you really feel for her. It’s a film that gets you interested because you start to think what if this actually happened to us in real life. What if we could use 100% of our brain capacity? It’s also nice to have a female action star as the main protagonist rather than a male who does all the action scenes. This sci-fi film is fast paced and filled with action. Scarlett Johansson is unstoppable.


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