American Horror Story: Season 4 Episode 10

American Horror Story returned this week with a guest appearance from Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and i have to say it was a promising boost for the series. He played a very interesting character and brought a new energy to the show. I have to say this season has gone off track a little bit. (Spoilers) The first half of the season was really exciting with the creepy clown but since they killed the clown off i haven’t really been interested in it as much and also the past few episodes haven’t had Dandy in them and he’s a really sick and twisted character that keeps the season interesting. I have kept on watching it because i love this show as a whole. The other seasons especially 1 and 2 were amazing. With this new episode I hope it’s a turning point for the show. With only a few more episodes left until the finale i’m excited to see how it ends and what’s in store for season 5.


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