Chicago PD: Season 2 Episode 10

Although it’s a spin-off show from Chicago Fire I do prefer Chicago PD. There’s a lot more drama and the characters have more depth. This weeks episode was so intense. The case the cops were working was really dangerous and had you on the edge of your seat throughout. (Spoilers) The intense moments came when they entered a house that was rigged with explosives. One of the officers rang a doorbell and got shot. A house blew up. They had to try to disable a bomb before it went off and in the end they had 4 seconds remaining. You were scared to let the characters move because every time they did something happened. Overall this was an amazing episode and good one to return with after the break over Christmas. If you like the CSI’s, Law & Order or any other cop shows then this is definitely one to watch. It has strong stories and relatable characters.

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