Films To Look Forward To In 2015

The new Star Wars is coming out next year so that’s something to look out for. I’m not a huge fan myself but they are hugely popular. That won’t be released until the 18th December so it’s a while before you can see that. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to going to see Fifty Shades Of Grey, that isn’t released until the 13th February. Jurassic World comes out on the 12th June.

I am Very excited to see Avengers: Age Of Ultron as i loved the first one and i love Marvel films. I love Captain America but i think Thor is my favourite and obviously Black Widow as she is the only female. The first Thor film i loved but i think the second one was a bit of a let down, i didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one. I’m also not a huge fan of Natalie Portman playing Thor’s love interest, there’s just something about her that puts me off the character. The Avengers is set to be released on the 1st May.

Insurgent is the second instalment of The Divergent Series so i’m looking forward to that. I’m just about to start reading the books so hopefully i can read the first and second one before Insurgent comes out. Insurgent will be released on the 20th March.

There is a film called San Andreas which comes out on the 29th May which looks really good if you’ve seen the trailer. It stars Dwayne Johnson,Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario who starred in the Percy Jackson films. I recommend watching the trailer for that, it’s about the aftermath of an earthquake where a father sets out on a dangerous journey to save his daughter.

I’m obsessed with The Fast And Furious franchise so naturally i’m incredibly excited for the 3rd April when number 7 is released. However it’s going to be sad because it will be Paul Walkers final film and i don’t know if the series can survive without him but we’ll have to see.

The final Hunger Games film comes out on the 20th November which i will probably be going to the cinema to see more than once. I can’t believe it’s the final one. As someone who’s been there with every film and read all the books it’s going to be sad especially because they’re some sad deaths which i’m not looking forward to.

Some other films and their release dates:
Taken 3: 9th January
Pitch Perfect 2: 15th May
Maze Runner: Scorch Trials: 18th September
The Fantastic Four: 7th August
Minions: 10th July
Ted 2: 26th June


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