American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a unique TV show because each season the story is different and so are the characters. It has the same cast each time but they just play a new character. When i first heard about the show i thought i wouldn’t like it because of this, i thought i would love a character and then because that character wouldn’t be in any of the new seasons i thought i wouldn’t like it but i do. My favourite seasons are seasons 1 and 2 because they were like a horror story. They both had some disturbing content in them which is what the show is about. Season 3 was a bit of a let down because it wasn’t a horror story, there wasn’t really anything too disturbing or gruesome in there. Evan Peters who has been in all 4 seasons is my favourite, i love him as an actor, i’ve seen him in films like X-Men and Kick Ass, i love his characters in season 1 and and 2. Season 4 which is currently on episode 9 is titled Freak Show and although it is a very good season and has something gory each week it’s missing something for me. Some episodes can be really good but then others let it down a little bit. I think in this season the pace is slower and not much happens in some of the episodes which makes it a little bit boring. Season 1 was titles Murder House, season 2 was Asylum and season 3 was Coven and with the show being renewed for a fifth season i am excited to see what they call it. I hope all the cast return as there have been some rumours that some people may be leaving. As long as Evan Peters continues to be in it i will continue to watch, he is very talented. The latest episode was quite sad, there were some touching moments between key characters that were really heart felt. It’s nice that they can put scenes like that in a show like this amongst all the craziness. It is it’s own show, i couldn’t compare it to anything else.


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