How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder is a TV show that started in September this year. It’s a legal drama that follows the lives of 5 students studying law. They get to work with a professor who is also a lawyer in getting people off murder charges, but the show has huge twists. At the end of the first episode you see a flash forward that involves the students standing over a dead body. The show is non linear which means the events don’t happen in chronological order, there are flashbacks and flash forwards which may seem confusing but it’s very captivating. Throughout the episodes you learn more and more about the night that the students murdered someone as well as seeing them work on court cases. The show is produced by Shonda Rhimes who is also the creator of Greys Anatomy and Scandal. Both of which are hugely successful. How To Get Away With Murder is one of my favourite TV shows because it keeps you gripped, there isn’t one boring episode and the mixed up timeline makes it even more dramatic. The show is very fast and compelling, the storyline’s are so intelligent which makes it very addictive. It’s a mix between The Good Wife (a strong female Lawyer) and Pretty Little Liars (a murder mystery). Viola Davis, who plays the professor/lawyer is ruthless in her role as a strong female lead, the acting is superb. One good thing about this show is that it’s unpredictable, you can be positive that something is going to happen in the way that you think and then it happens in a completely different way that blows your mind. It’s a definite worth the watch and a good one to binge watch over Christmas.


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