I watch a TV Show called Haven, it’s a syfy show and today i watched the season 5 mid season finale. The first three seasons were the best in my opinion, it’s a bit like a cop show but with some supernatural elements. I think it’s gone really down hill now i’m not enjoying it as much as i used to. It’s like the writers don’t really know where to take it and there are a lot of unanswered questions that aren’t going to be answered and it’s frustrating. They need to take it back to it’s roots where it was at it’s best where each episode the cops try to solve what they call a trouble. A trouble is a bit like a power but instead of doing good it’s bad and the cops have to solve it before it gets worse. Now the episodes keep carrying over and it’s the same thing each week which is sometimes good but in this case it’s a bit boring and predictable. It’s gone very off track now. I’d still recommend watching them i’d just say it changes a lot between seasons 4 and 5 and it’s not as enjoyable. Although the season 5 mid season finale was full of drama i’m not too excited for it to return next year. I’ll keep watching it though to see if it gets any better.


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